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Important Active Ingredients for Proper Skin Health

The list below are Important Active Ingredients for Proper Skin Health to maintain your skin’s natural beauty. The list gives you a start on some key ingredients to keep an eye out for in your skin care products to receive the most benefit.

Allantoin: Biogenic skin softener which accelerates healing and improves skin hydration

Arabinoglactan (Galactoarabinan): Immune stimulating, anti-aging polysaccharide with gentle stimulating properties

Collagen Amplifier System: Peptide based, stimulates collagen production

Beta Glucan: Enhances skin immunity and wound closing, protects against UV damage and hydrates skin

CoQ10: Helps energize new skin cell growth

Decyl Polyglucoside: Gentle, foaming skin cleanser derived from corn

Hyaluronic Acid: Biogenic moisturizing agent with significant water-binding properties

Jojoba Oil: A non-comedogenic, anti-bacterial non-oil that is similar to natural human lipids

Important Active Ingredients for Proper Skin Health

Lactic Acid: Mild alpha hydroxy acid which acts as a skin softener and lightener

NaPCA: A biogenic humectant that holds onto water molecules to keep skin cells hydrated

Peg-7 Gyceryl Cocoate: A refatting agent that prevents irritation from occurring during cleansing

Phospholipids: Biogentic skin softener, moisturizing, anti-irritant, improves transdermal penetration

Resorcinol: A powerful anti-bacterial agent with anti-acne, peeling and exfoliating properties

Salicylic Acid: A beta hydroxy acid, breaks up oil and has powerful skin stimulating and anti-bacterial properties

Squalane: The predominate lipid found in human skin, extremely penetrating and skin softening

Tocotrienols: Powerful anti-oxidants form of Vitamin E

Vitamin A/Retinol: Improves skin elasticity, epidermal and dermal thickening, can help reverse photo damage, enhances new skin cell growth, retexturizes

Vitamin C: Collagen stimulating, anti-aging, protective, healing, skin softening properties, helps even skin pigmentation

Vitamin D: Important for skin cell stabilization, improves skin healing and immunity

Vitamin E: Moisturizes skin from within, aids tissue repair and protects from environmental stress

Vitamin K: Helps support small blood vessels, improves spider vein conditions, heals bruising


Kathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Espirit de Vie Day Spa, Aromatherapist, Harmonic Healer, Esthetician and Author.



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