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Understanding Skin Care Ingredients ~ Part Two

Understanding skin care ingredients was vital for for healing my skin. I was a beach bunny back in the day, long before there was sunscreen, you know the baby oil thing! Well, today my skin has shown signs of all that sun bathing. It was very damaged when I went back to school; however, by the time I graduated four months later, massive improvement. The secret, using professional products with active ingredients, receiving facials, having microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Active Ingredients

I have found the following to be some of the best ingredients to achieve results in a fairly short amount of time:

EdV-Spa Page Image• Beta Glucane protects against UV damage and hydrates the skin.

• CoQ10 energizes new skin cell growth.

• Hyaluronic Acid is a moisturizing agent.

• Resorcinol is a powerful anti-bacterial agent with anti-acne, peeling and exfoliating properties (this is a form of Vitamin A).

• Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid. It breaks up oil and has powerful skin stimulating and anti-bacterial properties (this acid works great for people with acne.) Salicylic helps to dry up the sebum (oil) and balance the sebum production.

• Tocotrienol is a form of Vitamin E and is a powerful anti-oxidant.

• Vitamin A/Retinol can reverse photo (sun) damage, skin elasticity improves, it enhances new skin cell growth and thickens the epidermal and dermal layers.

• Vitamin C stimulates collagen. It may improve skin pigmentation (balances the skin tone and helps to diminish brown spots), softens the skin, slows down the aging process and protects against sun damage.

• Vitamin E penetrates the skin and moisturizes from within. It aids in tissue repair and protects from environmental stress.

• Vitamin K helps with “bags” under the eyes as well as bruising, reduces spider veins, and helps support small blood vessels.

We recommend these products for skin health.

 Kathleen Flanagan, CEO and Founder of Espirit de Vie Day Spa, Aromatherapist, Sound Therapist, Esthetician and Author.



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